About Sparkles Gwinnett

Gwinnett History

The Gwinnett location has recently undergone a million dollar renovation. The vision for this facility was motivated by the need to service the community and move family fun into the new millennium. Having served many communities in the area of recreation and understanding the ever-expanding use of technology, we created this location to appeal to the “techno” generation. In so doing, we aim to give kids cutting edge technology and physical fun…….

Gwinnett Vision

To bring families and friends together through recreational activities. We work to support families by assisting them in building strong relationships and memories, which will aid them in living full and productive lives that will help them balance life successfully.

Gwinnett Mission

We purpose to have fun in everything that we do. We provide an opportunity for families and individuals to relax and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and ourselves. We care about every person in our company and our community.

Please refer to our calendar to see when we have skating sessions. The Gwinnett location has available activities and group events for any occasion. Please browse our website to learn about services for this facility.